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Clonmany Festival 25th Anniversary Souvenir Booklet - 1992


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Given the task of producing this book gave me many a headache in the last few months. 24 years of week long festivals produce a lot of facts, figures and photographs. Many thanks to all the people who came forward with photographs. It's hard to believe some of the shiny fresh faces of yesteryear .The wrinkle cream definitely has not worked and as for the hair, where has it all gone?

To all the people whom I cajoled into writing articles, again thanks for all your excellent responses. With so much to choose from, it was obvious only a small portion could be included in the book but I hope I have jogged a few memories and smiles.

I'm sure 25 years ago it was never thought the festival would still be going in 1992. It has taken a lot of hard work, many hours, twice as many rows, to keep it going.

To all the people involved down through the years, the Committees and the helpers, I salute you. To keep going with only luke-warm response from the people who really benefitted financially from the Festival, took a lot of courage. Personally I think the Festival has run its course and it will take a massive injection of new help and sponsorship to keep it alive.

So maybe this book will serve as a condensed history of Clonmany Festival in years to come.

In conclusion, I hope that everyone who comes to Clonmany for Festival Week enjoys the craic and has a pleasant and safe stay.

Phelim Davenport.


Photographs of the Festival

Photographs of local Sport

Photographs of local Scenery

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