Doagh Farm

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Patrick Doherty's Doagh Farm Tourist Centre attracts bus loads of tourists from schools, hospitals, clubs and tour companies.

In a very short time, and with very little money, Patrick has developed a pony trekking enterprise, opened a farm zoo, a farm machinery museum, a water sports playground, a ceili music house and tea rooms.

His first effort was a modest and a low cost one. A few docile ponies were bought and hired out for children to ride. This activity very quickly expanded into a full-scale horse riding and pony trekldng enterprise. Children and adults are now regular clients and Patrick has something for everybody to do.

A small garden plot was sown to demonstrate the growing of basic self-sufficiency crops. Even a cranny under the old rock in the field was exploited for its local folklore legend. A small water sports facility for children was prepared in the back garden.

Patrick Doherty promotes his farm zoo/tourist centre in a simple, low cost way. Local radio and local papers have found the enterprise so interesting they have publicised it extensively. Patrick also printed a number of information brochures. He distributes these to local tourist offices in the Republic and Northern Ireland. He also distributes them to clubs, schools, colleges, hospitals, tour and travel companies, etc.

The derelict old farmhouse was re-built and re-thatched. The basic traditional furniture was made and installed - pine table and chairs, settle bed, old fireplace, flag stones, walls white-washed etc.

All this work was done by Patrick Doherty himself, during the winter days and nights. Old farm machinery, household furniture and transport equipment were gathered to form a special museum. A range of livestock was assembled to form a basic farm zoo: eg. ducks, geese, hens, guinea fowl, peacocks, sheep, pigs, goats, etc.

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