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My lost GRx2 grandparents

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Posted by: Furlotte,dit Frelat - ( 07/20/2003, 19:31:27 )

Hello dear listers...I'm really lost...
I cannot seem to locate info on my GRx2 this perhaps the place to look,as I have been to several message boards and luck!!!
Here is what I presently know of them:
1) my paternal greatgrandparents were Mary MEADE,born,ca.1841 in ??,married in 1862,nov.04,in Charlo,New Brunswick,Canada,to Maxime Desautels dit LAPOINTE...

2)Mary MEADE's mom was Mary-Margaret KELLY,,where?,died after 1864,as per the Restigouche census of both 1851 and 1861...her dad was probably Patrick MEADE...

3)Mary-Margaret KELLY ,according to the census came to 'this country'(meaning Canada)in May,1828,from Ireland...listed as widow in the 1851 census...

4)Mary MEADE,from # 1 above) had 5 siblings...John,b.may 12,1828;Michael b.1831;Bridgit,b.1839;Henry,bapt.1841 in Bathurst,NB;and Margaret,married Fidele CAMERON,as per 1861 census...

My questions are the usual:
i)who were the parents of Mary-Margaret KELLY?
ii)where was she born?
iii)where did she live,if different from where born;
iv)who were the grandparents of Mary-Margaret KELLY?
v)who were her siblings,etc?

Of course,I would be most grateful for any information,at this point ...I cannot trace her...thank-you in advance and if I can be of help if someone is researching the LAPOINTEs,I do have scads of info on them...sincerely,Kristine...

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