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Posted by: Greg Quigley - ( 08/16/2003, 18:06:14 )


I reviewed the same Applotment Book you did.

Here's what I know:

My grandfather James L. Quigley was born in San Francisco in 1896.

His father was Dennis Quigley, born in Inishowen, Clonmany in 1861. Not sure when he arrived in CA.

Dennis' father was Owen Quigley (married to Mary Ann Dalton).

Owen's father was Denis, who died in 1868. Not sure who he was married to, but good chance it was one of the Widow Quigleys on the Applotment page. Not sure the relationship between Owen and Bryan. Possibly brothers, possibly cousins. These Quigleys were in the Towland of Ballyliffin.

Whatever information you can supply would be appreciated.


Greg Quigley

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