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Posted by: Michelle w. Cook - ( 08/29/2003, 17:19:28 )

Hi, I am interested in finding information on the Farren Family. Here is what I have:

My 2x g grandmother's name was Margaret Farren. By all accounts she arrived in the USA, I am unsure where, about 1850. She was married and had a daughter by 1854. She lived in Brighton, MA. Census data indicates her date of birth to be around 1834.

I believe she came from Clomany, Donegal, Ireland. I also believe she had at least 2 brothers, John and Patrick. Patrick's grave stone says he was from Clomany, Donegal Ireland. I believe this is Margaret's brother because Margaret's daughter is buried in the same plot.

Anyway, if anyone can help I would appreciate it. I have hit nothing but dead ends in the USA. Patrick is buried in a Catholic Cemetery (unfortunately the plot records were destroyed in a fire, so I am unable to get any further information on Patrick). I am assuming they were Catholic. If anyone can direct me to the appropriate places to request information in Ireland, I can then write to them.

Thank you.


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