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Posted by: Dan King - ( 09/29/2003, 16:30:35 )

Hi Folks,

Mike Harkins & I are still working on the McEleney & Harkin(s) families and we've been trying to compile the births & marriages for as many families with these surnames as possible from Clonmany and Inishowen.

In both Clonmany and in Mintiaghs parish, we've encountered the surname CAVANAGH, with several spelling variations. In several instances we've found children born to a McEleney & a Cavanagh, but we have yet to find a marriage with a 'CAVANAGH' or 'KAVANAGH,' etc.

Can anyone tell me what other derivations, origins, or roots of this name may have been used to record a birth or marriage?

Many thanks,


PS- See my previous posts for the link to the Mintiaghs Census records if you are interested in some examples.

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