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Posted by: Paul Dougherty - ( 10/14/2003, 15:05:30 )

This is from The Inquisition of Liffer 1609
Patent Rolls of James I Pat. 16 James I - 1609 XXX.-13. Inquisition, taken at Liffer in Donegal co. 12 Sep. 7th Jas. I. before the commissioners named in the preceding commission, and the following jury: Rowland Cougall, Hugh oge O'Donnell Phelim O'Doughertie, Donell McGinell, Cahill bane McDavid James O'Sherin, Ferrall McDonell, Lewys O'Clery, Donogh O'Morison, Walter McSwyne, Gilleduff McGerald O'Doughertye, Cahill duff McGarrighie, Henry oge McDavid Pierce O'Donan, Morice O'Kerolan, Neall McGnellus, Maurice O'Ardena, Shane oge McGillekerry, and Tirlagh Carragh McCarvill,

and this extract in particular

- that sir Cahir O'Dougherty, knt., on 19 Apr. 1603, was seised in fee, by letters patent, of the barony our country of Inishowen, called O'Dougherty's countrey, with all its hereditaments, except the island of Inch and the town of Drohiertie, in the possession of sir Raphe Bingley, knt., except the church lands above mentioned, except Culmore castle and 300 a allotted thereto, and except the lands named as belonging to the bishopric or deanery of Derry, or to the herenaghs abovementioned - that the said sir Cahir entered into rebellion on the said 19 th Apr. at Boncranagh in Donegall co. by which the county of Inishowen is in the possession of the Crown - that in ancient times lands were given by temporal lords to holy men to celebrate divine service, and praying for their souls health, and the said saints or holy men dedicated themselves only to prayer and the service of God, and constituted herenaghs which were usually a whole sept, to till those lands, the principal of which sept was also named the herenagh, who paid rent to those saints; - afterewards that the bishops being creawted by the pope succeeded those saints, and the herenaghs then held from them as from the saints, and were not removeable by the bishops, provided they paid the accustomed rents and services, and the herenaghs are named by the bishops ever since, who take an income and oath of fidelity to themselves of the herenaghs, and one sept being extinct the bishop ordains another sept herenagh with the advice of the gravest men of the church, which herenagh is always to be the most ancient of the sept, and not hereditary, neither are the lands inheritable to the chief herenagh alone, but the whole sept are to inhabit equally with him and have their shares according to their ability to pay the bishop's rent, the herenagh has a fredom above the rest, the particulars of which are not ascertained - that the whole country of Tireconnell, otherwise O'Donnell's country, with all its hereditaments within Donegall co. except the country of Inishowen, and the lands already mentioned as belonging to the church, are in possession of the Crown by reason of the attainder of Rorie, late earl of Tireconnell; nevertheless, sir Mulmorie McSwine, claims the whole country of McSwine by letters patent - that Walter Mclaughlin and his ancestors have been possessed of Bradsaunagh, containing 7 qrs., but by what right is not known, and that Neale Garvie McRowrie O'Donell and his ancestors were possessed of the 8 qrs. of Portlagh until the earl of Tirconnell mortgaged his lands to Nich. Weston of Dublin, alderman.

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