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Posted by: Paul Dougherty - ( 10/14/2003, 15:29:55 )

Herenaghs Clonmaggories; the Mounterdowanes; or freeholds: that the grange of Graungebirt, containing 1 qr., belonged to Moycoskin abbey, the Clonmagqories are the present occupiers, and the monk appointed by the abbot of Moycoskin was chief of the grange, who paid yearly to the abbot, and to the chief of the O'Dogherties 6s 8d each - that in Enishowen barony is Cowleourt grange with 2 qrs. of land, which did belong to Moycoskin abbey, the Mounterdowanes are the occupiers, and pay yearly to the abbey 6s 8d, and to O'Doghertie 4 meathers of butter and 8 of meal; also in the same barony is a grange called the Inche, with 1 qr. of land adjoining, which grange belongs to the late abbey of Derry, and paid yearly 6s 8d to the canons of Derryand 6s 8d to the abbot, this qr. with 4 qrs. more in Dromheard town, which anciently were Collumkill's land, are now in the possession of sir Ralph Binglie, knt. - that out of every qr. of corbe, termon and herenagh land in Enishowen, except the lands lying in the parish of Fawne, Clonmany, and Deserteigny, O'Dougheritie received 4 meathers of butter and 8 of meal annually, every meather containing 2 gallons Eng. none of which is now paid to the bishop of Derry - that the mearings of Enishowen otherwise O'Doghertie's country, on the south and south-west parts between the lands of Enishowen, of Portlough and of Tyreconnell lying near the Derry, are as follow: along the middle of the bog reaching from the arm of the Swilly, on the southern side of Birtcastle to Loughlappan, unto a stream flowing from Mullaghknocknemone into that lough, which river rises at a well in the said mountain, and from the said well through the middle of a small bog reaching from Knocknemore to the top of Ardnemhohill, and so along the said bog to the top of Knockena and to the south-east point of the said hill, where the small river of Art McRowertie rises, running down between the lands of Bally McRowerty in Enishowen and Garrowgart in the liberties of Derry, which river flows through the bog to Loughswilly, and the mearings of Enishowen from the causey of Ellagh towards Loughfoile is through the middle of the bog reaching to or near Loughfoile.

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