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Posted by: Don Duffy - ( 12/04/2003, 13:40:42 )

Martina O'Donnell wrote a chapter in a book called "Donegal, History and Society". Her chapter was a generalized discussion and if I had the book here where I am writing I would give you the title. The interesting thing for me was that she described the village of Lenan in detail and showed where the O'Donnell cottages where located. She also supplied a map of their locations and the surrounding land use. As I sit here in the U.S. and realizing that these were my people I was fairly excited to see this and I am hoping to have a discussion with Martina if I can locate her. If I were you, I would try to get this book at a library because the cost to purchase is actually excessive. I bought a copy at in the UK through the internet. From memory I don't believe she described any O'Donnells in Carndonagh. Don Duffy

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