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Posted by: Dan Devlin - ( 01/25/2004, 20:37:08 )


I know where one of the cemeteries is. If you head down the road towards the Binnion Strand, take a right on the last road just before you get to the old Binnion Bridge. This is across from the caravan park and is an area called Bunacrick. My grandaunt and granduncle, Jay and Majary Bradley once lived there. There's a group of old houses there with one new one at the very end of the road. If you go to the end of the road, take a left and climb the hill; you'll find the old graveyard at the top. It's pretty well overgrown and there are no markers that are readable any more. There is a large stone slab with a cross on it that marks the site. It's my understanding, from what I have read, that this was a graveyard for unbaptized babies. I'm in Australia right now and don't have my maps, etc. with me, but if you can wait until I get back to New Hampshire in the beginning of February, I can scan a map with the location marked on it for you.


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