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UPDATE: Bertha Harkin: (1900:1905 - 1934) John Harkin & Margaret Doherty

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Posted by: Matthew Canterbury - ( 02/28/2004, 15:46:35 )

Thank you to everyone who has been helping me. Several of you suggested that I provide more up to date information so here it is, as follows:

Matthew Atkins Canterbury 10/26/1965 (ME)
Mark Charles Canterbury 2/14/1954
Children of:
Ambers Canterbury - Born in West Virginia, USA (MY DAD)
Margaret Elizabeth Canterbury (Atkins-Maiden Name) (MY MOM)

Margaret and Brother Charles are Children of:
Chet Atkins (from Canada)
Bertha Harkin

Bertha Harkin MY GRANDMOTHER - (Catherine Harkin - Sister "Katy/Kay")
John Harkin - Margaret Doherty (Parents)

Bertha was born in either 1900-1901 or 1904-1905 (Conflicting Info)
Bertha left for the US in 1915 +/-
Bertha's sister was younger
It is rumored that Bertha had a child (Bridget) out of wedlock.

Thanks again to everyone, can't wait to see everyone at Festival 2004 and to check out the New Hotel.

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