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Susan Diver

Re: tracking susan diver or dever from Ballyliffin in 1874 -- Pual McGaffigan Post Reply Genealogy Message Board
Posted by: Dan Devlin - ( 03/03/2004, 03:33:38 )

There are two Susan Divers in the Clonmany birth register:

Susan Dever born 01/01/1872 to James Diver and Catherine Doherty of Ternabratty she had a twin sister Ellen.

Susan Diver born 01/01/1879 to James Diver and Catherine Doherty of Ternabratty. I'm guessing that the original Susan died and this was a second daughter named Susan by the same parents. This was a common practice in those days. There are many, many siblings.

Let me know if this rings a bell.

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