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Re: UPDATE: Bertha Harkin: (1900:1905 - 1934) John Harkin & Margaret Doherty -- Matthew Canterbury Post Reply Genealogy Message Board
Posted by: Dan Devlin - ( 03/03/2004, 04:06:23 )

The only marriage I have for a John Harkin and Magy Doherty of Urrismana took place on Feb 4, 1885. There is no record of a Bertha Harkin in the birth records up to 1901. My guess is that if these are her parents then she was born in the 1904-5 timeframe.

There is also a John Harkin and Magy Doherty also of Urrismana who had 9 children between 1855 and 1873. One of them being a son John born in 1864 (possibly the John above).

I'll have to check my hard copy of the post 1901 records and get back to you.

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