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We would like to thank the following people and organisations for their help in either providing information or sponsorship for the Clonmany Website. Their support is invaluable in maintaining this website and without their assistance the Clonmany Website would not be possible. We would also like to thank all our visitors who have sent us encouraging and complementary emails. Thank you all.

Clonmany Festival
McGlinchey Summer School
Kathleen Doherty, Urris - Parish Bulletin
Godfrey Duffy, Galway
Rosemarie Doherty, Urris
Marius Harkin, Clonmany/Dublin
Desmond Kavanagh, Clonmany/ Galway
Martina O'Donnell, Urris
Ian Wright, Urris/London
Phil Wilson, Clonmany
Kathleen Williams, Clonmany/Coleraine
John Doherty (Davies), Urris/New York
Lee McDaid, Clonmany
Lorraine Davenport, Clonmany
Wendy Bradley, Clonmany
Brigid Clafferty, Clonmany
Martin Ruddy, Clonmany
Amanda Doherty, Clonmany

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