Anthem for a Festival

Patrick M. Gallen, Clonmany 1992.


Salute, if you will
This Jubilee year.
Let everyone fill
A cup with good cheer
In praise of this place
Where cousin and kin, kith and clan
With fulsome humour and fine good grace
Join as one from every land.
Unfurl you flags and fly them high
From Rachtain Mor to Binnion Hill.
Let rainbow colours fill the sky
To Minthiaghs Lake and water still.
With painter's brush and parchment pen
Make golden furze and fuchsia glades
And monkly meadow and fern-filled glen
Into a picture of mellow shades.
If summer shadows cloud your day
Make it bright with trumpets' blast
And merry songs and children's play.
Long may the celebration last.
This poem was taken from the Clonmany Festival 25th Anniversary Souvenir Booklet

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