Br Bernard JJ Forrester
Also Recorded by EMI - On Columbia Label
'Chuck McGuigan and the Bankers'


My home is set in Innishowen
Beside far famed Mamore
By a lovely bay beyond compare
Where the Swilly waters flow
I long to go back home once more
Where hearts of gold remain
And watch the golden sun sink low
O'er lovely Leenan Bay.

I see once more my cottage home
Set in the mountains blue
And all around is holy ground
The faithful are all true
For the mass rocks there our faith declare
Where heads were bowed to pray
And the golden sun is singing low
O'er lovely Leenan Bay.

My heart it longs for Leenan Bay
At the hush of eventide
Where the little boats
Have all come home and lovers joy divide
Then purple hue blends into blue
Towards Muckish far away
And the golden sun is sinking low
O'er lovely Leenan Bay.

Tis there the sea and Swilly swell
Embrace upon the shore
Where first I met my own sweet rose
The pride of Innishowen
And joined our hands in wedlock bands
And sadly sailed away
From heavens home, where the sun sinks low
O'er lovely Leenan Bay.

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