'Moville and Pollan Green'

On a lovely day in October
I marched to Pollan Strand
To see a game of soccer as you may understand
When I landed at the big bank
Most glorious to be seen
To see the Isle Boys marching out
They were always dressed in green.

James Neilly was on the outside line
He was digging in the sand
Watch out and don't go down too deep
A voice says Paddy Shearn
James buttoned his coat and he kicked a sod
It went a foot or two
Denis was right behind him
He was puffing black and blue.

The whistle it was sounded
And the Isle boys got the ball -
The Moville men tried to stop it
But they were not there at all.
They tried for to protect their goal
And they worked both heart and soul
And when the Masters got it
It went flying through the goals.

Paddy Coyle was on the left back
James the Master at his side
The Moville tried to break the line
She was running with the tide.
Charlie Coyle was on the full back
Dinnie Paddy O'Donnell at the goals
And when the Masters got it
It went flying through the goals.

Now the medals they were still at stake
The Moville men though they won
But the Isle men they were confident
So they played against the wind.
When the Moville men went against the wind
Sure they were a total wreck
"Be Christ" says John Johnny Willie
Sure we have them by the neck.

The score it stood at 3 to 1
In favour of the Isle
The Moville boys tried with all their might
But they hadn't got the style
So now the game was ended as you may understand
The Moville men they were walking round
Not one to shake their hand
The Isle boys they were marching round
Most glorious to be seen
The day they won the medals
From Moville on Pollan Green.

Song composed by Dan Doherty (Denary), The Castle and Boston.

This poem was taken from an article, 'Soccer in the Isle' in the Clonmany Festival 25th Anniversary Souvenir Booklet

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