The Urris Brigade

In a little place called Urris in the Co. Donegal
There is an Irish College whose fame will never fall
It has but two Professors, Sean Ban and Mr. Boyle
And there are no others like them from the Shannon to the Foyle

At 10 o'clock each morning we assemble at the gates
There is always there a motley crowd of modern out of dates
We debate on various topics from politics to love
But the Tiernasligo courtships we leave to Powers above.

Then suddenly above the din we hear the college bell
Those two eminent Professors vie in dragging it like hell
It makes an awful rasping noise at which we swear and sin
But it's sound is somewhat tempered when we hear Sean's "come in".

Then first goes Mr. Monagle the most punctual in the class
And you'll never find him minus a little Cailin Deas
Just after him Moloney goes tripping lithe and free
With his lady loves beside him He's as frisky as can be.

And next comes Mr. Duffy that curly headed boy
Who of all the college students is every lassies joy
of combs and Snaps and fountain pens he must have quite his fill
But sure with all his faults we can't but love him still

Ah! Here come Neil McKenna make room and let him pass
For he has in his keeping the heart of many a lass
Beside him walks his cousin so reticent and shy
But though he's still a baby there's a twinkle in his eye.

And here is Michael Doherty who's never in a haste
But sure he's quite contented with his arm round Mary's waist
And there is Daddy Quigley still lingering in the porch
To prevent the unsuspecting from being burned by Cupid's torch

But look at Mr. Doherty as contented as a bride
Sure how could he be otherwise with Mary Agnes by his side
Quite near him walks Mick Quigley I call swear upon my life
He's as jolly as the rest of them although he's got a wife.

And now comes Mr. Douglas that careful little man
Who studies Irish with a will he's about the only wan
Next poor easy-going McCallion who loves himself so much
But falls in love with all the girls with whom he comes in touch

Ah! Watch those overburdened two who struggle for a chair
One has a bundle in his arms "A baby" I declare
The other (blessings on his head) his duty never fails
For patiently he bears with him the Urris daily mails.

The "Ard Rangs" now assemble and settle down to work
When the little bunnie's waddle in, conducted by McGurk
With Issac in the centre to the baby's room they go
And at the hinter end of them comes Toland and John Joe

So now that work has started we've got to say "Ta Ta"
For most of us are working for certificates "Ha Ha"
Oh Sean you were a prophet when from appearances alone
You guessed there'd be two types of Certs obtained in Inishowen

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