Clonmany Catholics
Spring 1961


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We make no apology for putting the picture of Clonmany Chapel on the front page again because it gives us an opportunity of saying a few words on the history of this lovely Church. Up to 1794 there was no Chapel in the district and mass was said at the "Scallan" above Porters in Gaddyduff. There was no building and a sheet was put up on the windy side to shelter the Altar.

The first Chapel was built by Father Shiels in 1795 and enlarged in 1829, the year of Catholic Emancipation. The Bell-Tower and Long Aisle were added by Father O'Donnell in 1843. He had a Chapel-gate collection to collect the debt. But this was very slow so he put a levy of a guinea on every house in the parish and the debt was paid in a fortnight.

The Bell was rung for the first time on the 9th. April 1845, and that was the first time a Catholic bell was heard in Clonmany since the Reformation when the old Monastory in Straid was dissolved in 1610.

When Bishop McLaughlin came to bless the Bell in 1845 the Chapel couldn't hold half the congregation so the Bishop put them all out to the graveyard and spoke to them through a window. There were no Public Address Systems in those days.

The first bell got cracked and the present one was installed in 1870. Phil Briney and Donal Fad hoisted the Bell into place and Father MacCullagh had the Bell rung free of charge at their funerals in return. With three lovely marble altars and the latest in heating and lighting the present Chapel stands as a monument to the past and a hope for the future

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Clonmany and district

Father Hugh Brendan Harkin, eldest son of Mrs. and the late Frank Harkin the Square, was ordained to the Priesthood on 21st. December. He was met by the Band and a Torch-light Procession at the outskirts of the village on his arrival home and a large congregation attended his first mass in Clonmany Chapel next morning.

A very successful 25 Card Drive and Sale of Work, both organized by Father Doherty C.C., were recently held in the Parochial Hall.

Paddy Hughes, the Cross and Betty Farren, Straid were prize-winners in a Waltzing competition held in Mamore Hall, Urris.

The Carndonagh Drama Club presented their play "The Country Boy" to a large audience in the Parochial Hall.

Mick Keady, The Cottages, Binion has resigned from the army and is now working in Manchester. John Lynch, Binion, had one of his pedigree sheep dogs, valued at 50, killed by the Lough Swilly Bus.

Mr and Mrs Rooney and Family have come to live in the village. Mr Rooney is an Overseer for the Land Commission. There are four new T.V. sets in the village since our last issue, owned by Master Kavanagh, Margaret MacCauley, John Friel and Master John Doherty.

New cars in the district were bought recently by the following: Michael McFeely, a green Ford Esquire ZP 3530 Father Gallaghcr, a black Volkswagon ZP 8571; John Gallen, the Cross, a Blue Ford van CRI 198; and Jimmy Lynch, Binion, a Dark Grey Skoda, whose number is RYI 127.

There is no "Fast" for Lent this year so everybody is very happy and well.


Mrs. Bridie Doherty ( nee McGonigle), Dunaff, her husband and son have left England and gone to live in Florida.

Ellie McGonigle,Dunaff is getting, married on 25th. February to Denis Carroll of Mayo in London.

Hubert Doherty (Davis) Dunaff was home for a holiday at Christmas. He emigrated to America about five years ago and is at present serving with the U. S. Army in Germany.

Mickey Boyle is spending his holiday with the McGonigle family, Dunaff.

From Luton came John Duffy of Tiernasligo and his wife Kate Kearney of Leenan for a visit at New Year.

Phil Doherty (Pilot) Tiernasligo is home again after a spell in the hospital at Carndonagh.

His brother Charlie, came from Scotland to see him

A hearty welcome back is extended to Miss Martin former teacher in Crossconnell who has been doing substitute for Mrs. Haughey in Tiernasligo Boys School recently.

The Urris Altar Society recently ran several very succcessful dances in Mamore Hall for the purpose of buying a carpet for St. Michael's Church. The music was supplied free by a local band.

Mickey and Dan Friel, Lower Dunaff have gone to work in Luton.

Mary Doherty (Davvy) was home for a holiday from nursing in England.

James Friel, Roxtown is home again from Merlin Park Hospital Galway after an operation to his arm.

Hubert MacGonigle (Paddy John) Roxtown has gone to work in Luton.

James McEleney, Letter has got a new Ford Anglia, two tone ZP 8484.

Packie Diver, Letter and his wife were home from Scotland on holiday.

Heartiest congratulations are extended to Sarah Kerr, Letter who recently passed her Final exam in Nursing at the Luton and Dunstable Hospital.The Ediitor is especially, proud of Sarah because she took up Nursing on his suggestion. and sends his best wishes to Staff Nurse Sarah Kerr.

Culcross and Maghermore

Patrick Doherty is recuperating after a spell in Letterkenny hospital.

Jimmy Doherty (Caitlain) has got a new television set.

Mary McDaid has gone to work with her sister in Derry.


John Doherty ( Sean Owen) won a prize at a 25 Card Drive in Clonmany Hall.

Mrs. Mary Ann Grant fell and hurt her knee while going for water.

Mrs. Hannah Doherty (Upperton) (Sean Brian) had a spell in Carndonagh hospital while William Toland of Sandytown is about again after illness.

Annie McLaughlin (G) has gone to England.

Gortfad, Altahal, Cleagh

Mrs. Mary Grant, Cleagh has come home after treatment in Carndonagh Hospital.

Joe Sweeny, Owen ,Carr and Maggie Gill are the proud owners of new cars.

Connie Doherty (Con) has got a new car also.

Mrs. Kate Doherty (Gill) has returned home after a serious but successful operation in a Dublin hospital.

Susie Doherty (John W.) came from New York for the ordination of her nephew Father Kelly, in Dalgan Park, Navan.

Mrs Joe Doherty came home from a holiday with her daughter Nuala in England to find that her son Anthony had got a new car No. ZP 429.

Congratulations are in order for Annie Gill (J) who got engaged recently.

Mrs. McGeoghan, the former Sarah Devlin of Altahal was home from Boston to see her parents. Her mother went with the rest of the family to England for a short holiday.

Straid, Boharna, Gortnahinsion

Mrs. Brigid Holland, the former Brigid Doherty (Davis) has taken up residence with her daughter Deirdre in the house formerly owned by Paddy Rowe, of Cleagh. The house has been redecorated completely.

The John Devlin (Den) family of Tullagh has come to live at Glon House.

The management of the Corner Cash shop wish to sincerely thank James Doherty, Gortnahinchen, Brian and Jim Devlin, Bohearna who were coming home from a dance recently and saw smoke coming from the shop which was on fire. They raised the alarm and the fire was put out without much damage being done.

Mr and Mrs. B. Quigley, Gortnahinchen were pleasantly surprised with a visit from their son Willie John's brother in law Jimmy Gillespie from Chicago and formerly from Teelin.

The engagments have been announced recently of the following:

James Donaghey (W) Effishmore to Brigid O 'Hagan of the "parish";

Patricia Doherty, Ballinabo to Michael Devlin (T) Altaha:

Neil McCarron, Cleagh(now a Civic Guard in Castlebar) , to Betty Farren of the Corner Cash. Who said that Irish boys were Altar-shy?

Tullagh and Crossconnell

Michael, Hugh, and Seamus McLoughlin came home from Chicago for the marriage of their sister Clare on 3lst. January in Clonmany.

Eddie McCole is making good progress at his home after his operation in Letterkenny hospital. Frankie's Bar in Crossconnell is up for sale.

Seamus Karl has gone to Dublin for examination and interview for the Guards.

Mickey McLaughlin (Michael) has gone to work in England and Packie Duffy {J) has a new travelling threshing mill.


Isle of Doagh

Willie Doherty (Rock) Figart has gone back to America after a three month's holiday at home. He brought, his Ford Mercury car with him and it was the wonder of everybody. It was red and white and as big as a bus.

Kate Doherty, Castles, is at present spending a holiday in Coventry. Denis McLaughlin (O) is doing repairs to his house.

Annie McLaughlin{R) Doaghmore has go to Derry to work ,while her brother John has gone to Manchester.

Cassie Doherty (Sean) broke her arm when she fell during the frost.

Denis McGeoghegan, Ballure, is home to help with the Spring work.

Anthony McGonigle has sold his horse and bought a donkey

Micky O'Donnell, Clara has a new motor-bike.

The aerial of James McGonigle was knocked down in a recent storm.


The farm of Frank McDaid,Giblin was bought by Michael Doherty(Denis) at a record price of 16,000.

At a Fine Gael Card party in Rasheeny Hall the First prize was won by Dan Devlin, Ballyliffin; second by Owen Doherty, Culcross; and Third by John P. Sweeney, Ballyliffin.

Michael McGonigle, is home after undergoing treatment in a Dublin hospital but is still seriously ill.

Mary Ellen Conaghan has gone back to nursing in Derry after a long spell of illness.

Eddie McLaughlin got off with a sprained ankle when he was knocked down by a car.

Work on Rasheeny new school is well advanced. Several holes were blown in the roof of the old school during the recent big storm.

Mindoran And Minaduff

Before he left for Scotland Danny McEleney got engaged to Rose McEleney of Drumfries. Congratulations Dan.


Five enterprising young men from the district, Vinny Grant, Danny and Brendan Doherty, Brendan McLaughlin and Danny McConnologue have formed a new dance band called "The Sattelites". They are willing to take enagements even in Outer Space !

Congratulations: to Brigid McEleney on her engagement to Brian Donaghey from Carndonagh. The first Television in Annaugh has been installed by Danny McConnologue.

Nellie Doherty {P) is very well after her operation in Letterkenny.

Ann Doherty (N) and Neil Grant have returned to West Kensington, London.

Patsy McLaughlin(H) has bought the farm owned by Dan Doherty (Patrick) So the earth, like money was made to round.

Ballyliffin and district

Anthony McGonigle is recovering after an operation in Letterkenny.

John Devlin in convalescing at home after his time in Carndonagh hospital

James McLaughlin and Master Clement Sweeney have installed new T.V. sets.

Mrs. John McGonigle is improving after a serious illness.

John McFaul has got a new black car, a Volkswagen No. ZP 1792 ( Haven't we heard of that number before somewhere?)

Reine Doherty has gone to work with her sister in Manchester.

The John Doherty Family, have moved into their new house.

Mrs. Rose Gill is home from Letterkenny hospital after treatment.

Paddy McFaul has gone to Luton to his sister and brother while Kathleen Harkin (T) has gone to work in England with her sister Rose Anne.

Hugh Harkin has gone tot teach in Birmingham.

Mrs. Lilly McDaid has gone to Dublin for a holiday and Mrs. McElhinney has gone to live in Carndonagh.


From Joseph Cunningham, 71 Montgomery Street, Boston comes a very newsy letter Joseph. Joseph is the Uncle of Mrs. Mary Gubbin of Letter. He is now retired and taking things easy. He was home a few years ago but found that all the men of his time were gone except Eddie Doherty and Hugh Brennnan of the Cross. He has some interesting things to say of the sort of work he did as a young man in Ireland before he went to America.

Mary Elizabeth McGeoghan writes from 47 Buttonwood St., Dorchester Massachussetts to say that she has recently changed her job. She now works for the Gillette Razor Company. There are over 3000 workers in the factory and many Irish girls but none from Donegal. She attended the big Pioneer Rally in New York and prayed in St. Patrick's Cathedral. The mass was offered as you requested, Mary. They are all wel1 down in the Isle.

From 21 Early Drive, Portsmouth, Virginia comes a nice letter from Batty Sawyer who got back safely from her holiday with her father Neily Ban of Claggin. She was very lonely leaving Urris but hopes to come back in four years again and this time she is going to bring her husband Tom. You'll both be very welcome Betty and don't forget to bring your golf clubs for the "wearing of the Green".

Bridie and Rose McLaughlin of "the Castles" writes from 528 Littlecroft Rd, Upper Darby, Pa. to say that they are both working in the same restaurant and are very happy in America. They live just two blocks from the Church, which is much nearer that they were when they lived in the Isle.

From 21 Queen St, Dorchester, Mass. Mary Duffy, of Dunaff, writes to say that every time she meets somebody from homo the first thing they say is "Did you get the 'Clonmany Catholic?'" .

Susan Brown ( nee Callaghan), Culcross who was home with her sister Bridget for Willie's wedding recently writes, from Dorchester to say that they had quite an adventurous journey back as they ran into heavy snow and their plane was diverted to Canada but they arrived safely at last.

We acknowledge cards from the following; Elizabeth, Celia and Mary Gibbons (of the Isle) Chestnut Hill; Catherine Ruddy, Roxbury, Mass. and Teresa Gubbin who is still working With the millionaires in Venoy Park Hotel, St Petersburg, Florida

Leo V. Campbell, of 86-07 53 Ave., Elmhurst, New York sent us a beautiful little poem called "Clonmany, My Donegal Home" which he composed while recovering f'rom a heart attack in hospital. Unfortunately a little newsletter such as this we just have not got the space to print poems or articles, just news items and small extracts from letters. Leo has written many poems about Ireland since he left Gaddyduff for America. God love you, Leo and we trust that you are in good Health once again.


Bridget Mary Duffy, Dunnaff is living with her Father and cousin, Billy Harkin at 72 Walford Rd., Sparkbrook, Birmingham and she is working in a factory making food mixtures. She is a member of a Catholic Youth Club run by an Irish priest Father O'Donaghue.

Geraldine Sweeney, of Ballyliffin is teaching in Wednesbury, Staffordshire. She felt very lonely when she first arrived in England but acting on a hint given to emigrants in a sermon in Clonmany she went to see her priest who invited her to join the Legion of Mary. Through the Legion she made so many friends who invited her to their homes so that now with her work in the legion she has hardly any spare time at all. She enjoys it very much but she says that there is no place nor people as friendly as in Ireland.

"Many happy returns" to Helen Gill of Gortfad who will celebrate her 21st birthday on the 23rd. February at a big party in 10 Sovereign Row, Butts, Coventry with all the Gill Clan and several Clonmany neighbours in close attendance. Helen says that work is very slack in England just now and many workers are on short time. She and her sister Mary have already got their tickets for coming home for the Summer on 28th. July so they are sure not to be left behind anyway.


From Ballingry, Fifeshire comes a long letter from Bri dget Duddy. Now in case you are wondering who that is, it is the former Bridget Doherty who in turn was the former Bridget Eileen O'Donnell of Roosky, better known as Dinah to her friends and still better known as the maternity Nurse for Clonmany who was married recently at home. Ballingry is a small mining village and Bridget lives only four doors from the new Chapel which is very like the Oratory in Ballyliffin. Her husband Danny (whose mother's name was Doherty) works in a huge gas purifying plant. Best of luck to you in your new home and God go with you on your errands of mercy.


Michael J. Devlin, Bohearna and Kathleen Teresa Doherty, Cregnagor, 27th. Dec.

William Doherty, Culdaff and Peggy Grant, Magheramore, 27th. December.

Daniel Duddy, Ballingry, Fife, and Brigid E. Doherty, Roosky, 28th. Dec.

Neil Bradley and Margaret Clare McLaughlin, Crossconnel1, 31st. Jan.


Roger Doherty (60)Tiernasligo;

Patrick Devlin (61) Letter;

Mary A. Friel(67) Clonmany;

Edward Doherty (76)Mullagh;

Brian Ruddy (82) Glebe;

Kathleen Mullan Mindoran (72);

Neil Doherty (83) Annaugh

May they rest in peace.

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