Clonmany Catholics - June 1975

Scoil Naisunta Gaduide
Dub 1940

Front row (left to right) - Kathleen Doherty ( Jack) , Mary Christina Martin, Monica Murphy, Mary B. Doherty (Anaugh), Mary K. Hughes (Cross), Josie Toland, Kathleen Doherty (Straid), Brlgld Doherty (Seamus Grant's wife), Maeve Kavanagh.

Second row (left to right) - Mary Clement Harkin, Mary Gill, Peggy Grant, Sally Doherty (Anaugh), Patricia Doherty (Altahalla), Lizzle McCarron, Mary Doherty (Tlrhoran), Mary Christina Devlin, Kathleen Devlin (Anaugh, sisters) , Bernadette Ruddy, Brigid McCarron (Mrs.G Clafferty).

Third row (left to right) - Christina Devlin (Straid), Anne Gill, Kathleen Donaghey, Mary Donaghey, Annie Donaghey, Madge Donaghey, Kathleen Quigley, Brigid McEleney (Anaugh), Anne Doherty - (Cloughfin).

Fourth row (left to right) - Mrs. Doherty (Monica McLaughlin), Mary Doherty (Clogherna), Bridie McFaul, Patsy Murphy, Carmel Keown, Katie Gill, Sally Ruddy, Sheila Doherty (Tirhoran), Sally Grant, Brigid Donaghey, Peggy McFaul, Miss Meegan.

Some of the girls who were at Gaddyduff School in 1940. Where are they now?

Clonmany Catholics - June 1975


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