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State Papers 1601 A.D.

The names of all the chief places of strength in O'Dogherty's country called Ennisowen, as well castles as forts; also of those in McSwyne Fanat's country.

On the south side of the country, at the coming of the lough, there is an old ruined castle called Newcastle. Here dwells Hugh boy Mack Caire, one of O'Dogherty's sept.

Next unto Newcastle, three miles to landwards, is a church, called Moymill, with a haven before it. Here dwells Shane McDuff and Hugh Boy's brother. A small brook at this place.

Next to that, within four miles is a small castle, called Caire MacEwlyn. Here dwells Hugh Carrogh McLaughlyn, chief of his sept. A small brook. Two miles above that is another small castle, called Garnagall. Here dwells Brian Oge McLaughlyn. A small stream.

Seven miles from Garnagall is the fort of Culmore, where Phelimy Oge O'Dogherty did dwell. O'Dogherty's brother. Between Culmore and Garnagall are two small streams.

Three miles above Culmore stands the Derry, where the Bishop dwelt, who is one of the sept of the Gallacars. From the Derry, three miles within the land, towrds Lough Swilly, is the castle of Ellaugh, O'Dogherty's chief house.

From Ellaugh, five miles up in the country, at the side of Lough Swilly, is another castle of O'Dogherty's called Birt. Here he holds a ward of forty men. Hereruns a small stream into Lough Swilly. Next to that, in the lough, to the seaward, is an island called Ench, five miles in length, and one mile from Birt. The chief dweller here is Doultough O'Dogherty.

Over against Ench in O'Dogherty's country is a castle and a church, called the Fanne, but broken down since our arrival. Here dwells the Bishop O'Galthar. From the seawards six miles is another small castle, called Boncranogh, and a river into the lough, where salmon is taken. At this place dwells Connor McGarrett O'Dogherty.

From Boncranogh to seawards nine miles is another castle and a church, called Clonmony, by the seaside. Here dwells a priest called Amerson.

From Clonmony to seawards five miles is another castle, called Carrickbrahey. Here dwells Phelemy Brasleigh O'Dogherty. From Carrickbrahey to landward, one mile, is a small castle, called Caslanstoke. Hereswells Phelemy Brasleigh's son.

From Caslanstoke to seaward is a country of nine miles in length, called Mallane, wherein is a fort by the seaside, called Don-yrishe, held and inhabited by O'Dogherty. On the south side stands another fort called Don-owen. Here dwells Gartill McShane Boy O'Dogherty. To the southward of the same island stands a church with a wood, called Donoughmore.

From Don-owen a mile northwards is a church, called Culdaughe, and stands upon the seaside. Here dwells McShane O'Dogherty. These be all the chief places round about O'Dogherty's country called Ennisowen; the midland country is most part mountainous, and hath few inhabitants.

Endorsed by Sir Robert Cecil:- 12 April 1601. The description of Lough Foyle and the country adjacent. Addressed to Sir George Carey.

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