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1609 Inquisition at Liffer (James I)

Patent Rolls of James I Pat. 16 James I - 1609

XXX.-13. Inquisition, taken at Liffer in Donegal co. 12 Sep. 7th Jas. I. before the commissioners named in the preceding commission, and the following jury:

Rowland Cougall, Hugh oge O'Donnell, Phelim O'Doughertie, Donell McGinell, Cahill bane McDavid, James O'Sherin, Ferrall McDonell, Lewys O'Clery, Donogh O'Morison, Walter McSwyne, Gilleduff McGerald O'Doughertye, Cahill duff McGarrighie, Henry oge McDavid, Pierce O'Donan, Morice O'Kerolan, Neall McGnellus, Maurice O'Ardena, Shane oge McGillekerry, and Tirlagh Carragh McCarvill

The barony of Enishowen

Clounemanny Parish

Herenaghs Donnogh O'Morreesen (freehold & herenagh) or freeholds:

Clounemanny parish, containing 5 1/2 ballibetaghs of 4 qrs. each, of which 6 qrs. are church land, 3 of which were given in Collumkill's time, the bishop receives out of two of these 3 qrs. the like rents proportionably as out of the herenagh land in the preceding parishes, the third qr named Donally is free to Donnogh O'Morreesen, who is the abbot's corbe and the bishop's herenagh of those qrs., the other 3 qrs. were given by the O'Dogherties and O'Donnells to Collumkill as a dedication towards his vestments when he went to war, which said 3 qrs., together with the other third qr., being free, were given to the ancestors of the said Donogh, who were Collumkill's servants, and are now in the possession of sir Ralph Bingley, knt., the herenagh paid a yearly pension of 10s Eng. to the bishop of Derry out of the bishop's thirds of the tithes, and collected all the bishop's duties in Enishowen; this parish has a parson, vicar, tithes, and repairs as in that of Faughan, the vicar has 3 gorts of glebe, and the keeper of the missagh or ornaments left by Collumkill has 4 gorts of glebe;

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