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The Civil Survey 1654

County Donegal

Barony of Enishowen

The Bounds of this barrony begineth westward at a place called Burtt Castle which belongeth to the Lord Chichester and from thence norward with ye greate River of Loghswilly while wee come to a place caled Ardmalin belonging to ye Lord Chichester and soe continueth norward while wee come to the Ocean which boundeth to the North-eastward, while wee come to an ancientt ruined Castle called Greene Castle and from thence by two castles, the one called Redd castle and the other called White Castle both belonging to Major George Carey as tennantt to the Lord Chichester and from thence Southward to ye stronge ffortt of Culmore belonging to the State and soe continueth soutward by a Bogg to an olde fortt joyning one the quarter of Ballinacard which Quarter belongeth to ye cittie and libberties of Londonderry and with an olde Ditch bogg and Logh to ye river of Ballimackeerty joyning to ye Libberties of Londonderry and from thence to the topp of a Mountaine called Monaknocknamone belonging to the Lord Chichester and from thence southwest by a litle brooke descending and falling downe in Logh Lappan which boundeth us from the barony of Raphoe and from thence Westward through the Causey and bogg of Colemackatraine and from thence by a small ditch unto ye river of Loghswilly where wee began our bounds.

The greatest partt of our soyle is Mountaine and Bogg that which is arrable is hungrie ground and the pasture worse. Oure graine is most oats some barlie litle wheate and less rye. Wee have likewise some small inconsiderrable ffishings, vizt one small sallmon ffishing in ye river in ye river of Boncrannogh one seale ffishing in the island of Glasseve one litle sallmon ffishing in the River of Strabregg and a less in Loghfoile all wch. ffishings belongeth to the Lord Chichester and nothing elce doe wee finde Remarcable in our Barrony.

The Parrish of Clanmannie

Names of Proprietors

Arther Lord Chichester,
Lord Viscont Carrickfargus,
English Prottestantt

Mr. Arther Leyning, English Prottestantt
Denomination of Land

ffugatt, Ballimcagen, Leggo curry,
Carrowreagh, Carrickbracky,
Dowaughgillen, Ardaugh,Ballilussin,
Cleaugh, Monocloyne, Altocally,
The two thirds of ye Quarter called
Ruskey, Doonally, Crossconnell,
Rossmaugh, Doonass, Litterr,
Parte of ye twenty-one Quarters
& two thirds mentioned in foll (2),
Ennismana, Lennan

One ffree houlde called Rasheny

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