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1814 Statistical Account

No. IX. Parish of CLONMANY,

(Diocese of Derry, and County of Donegal.)

By the Rev. F. L. Molloy.

II. Mines, Minerals, etc.

With respect to the mineralogy of this parish, I am myself incompetent to give much satisfaction to the curious in those matters; however, It is generally thought, that our hills and mountains are impregnated with metals and valuable fossils. A foreigner, I believe Doctor Berger, lately pervaded our mountains, and brought therefrom rocks, etc. for the London Society. A gentleman of this parish, with whom he had some conversation on the subject, says that the Doctor found nothing worthy of notice: nor did he find any thing of consequence in any of the mountains of Ennishowen except in one parish, which, no doubt, will be given in detail in these Statistical inquiries. In the mean time, I can testify that there are mineral springs of the chalybeate kind, to be found in various parts of this parish.

In many parts of it, there may be found quarries; some of whinstone and some of freestone: the former can be raised in blocks of any dimensions, and the latter are as good for building as I have ever seen: of these, however, they do not much stand in need at present, having already as much quarried by the hand of Nature, as may serve any purpose which may be at present required.

There is no limestone in the parish: when the people want any lime, they are necessitated to go from three to six miles for it, to the kiln, where it is sold at 1s 8d. per barrel, which is considered to be tolerably cheap. But although they have not the advantage of this calcareous manure, and a serious loss it is indeed, yet they have what may be considered to be very good in its kind, viz. rack, or sea-alga, which is very plenty on these shores, and produces very good potatoes and cabbages, and is excellent on meadows There is no other production worthy of notice here, except heath and some fioran grass.

I. The Name of the Parish, Situation, Extent, etc.
       II. Mines, Minerals, etc.
       III. Modern Buildings, etc.
       IV. Ancient Buildings, etc.
       V. Present and former State of Population, Food, Fuel, etc
       VI. The Genius & Disposition of the Poorer Classes, etc.
       VII. The Education and Employment of Children, etc.
       VIII. State of Religious Establishment, Tithes, etc, etc.
       IX. Modes of Agriculture, Crops, etc.
       X. Of Trade, Manufactures, Commerce, etc.
       XI. Natural Curiosities, remarkable Occurrences, etc.
       XII. Suggestions for Improvement, etc.
       APPENDIX : TOWNLANDS, their Derivations, etc.

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