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1814 Statistical Account

No. IX. Parish of CLONMANY,

(Diocese of Derry, and County of Donegal.)

By the Rev. F. L. Molloy.

V. Present and former State of Population, Food, Fuel, etc.

If population depends on regular government, security of property, plenty of food and employment, the present population of this parish proves that these are enjoyed here. There are on the priests books, (which is a sure modus probandi,) 931 Roman Catholic families; and on my own, 17 familes; besides 8 families of Protestant Dissenters; which, in all, at 5 to each family, make an aggregate number of 4680 souls. And if we compare this with the population of the parish about 40 years ago, which could hot, I hear, be more than 50 families, it proves one thing, at least, the salubrity of our atmosphere; notwithstanding which, there can-not be produced an instance of longevity in it at present.

Their general food are potatoes and milk,, and fish, and oaten-bread and butter. In point of wealth they do no exceed mediocrity; however there are very few mendicants in the parish, the people here considering it an indelible stigma on their offspring to resort to mendicity. The beggars flock from other districts to this, as it abounds with potatoes, which are the chief aliment of the poor in times of scarcity, so that they are sometimes very troublesome to us. This was the case last year, when we enacted a law at vestry, to refuse alms to all beggars, except the lame, the decrepid, and the blind, and to such person as were residents in the parish. The holyday-dress of the people here is neat, and sometimes borders on finery; whereas their every day dress assimilates to their mode of living.

A few children have fallen victims to the confluent small-pox this year, which is the only distemper that affects the population of this parish: to counteract which, I have inoculated the children of those poor, near myself, who applied to me for the purpose, with vaccine infection; but I regret to say, that the people here, with a few exceptions, are prejudiced against it, thinking that the vaccine system will protect them from the ravages of the small-pox only three years. It is a subject, I think, that requires parliamentary consideration.

I. The Name of the Parish, Situation, Extent, etc.
       II. Mines, Minerals, etc.
       III. Modern Buildings, etc.
       IV. Ancient Buildings, etc.
       V. Present and former State of Population, Food, Fuel, etc
       VI. The Genius & Disposition of the Poorer Classes, etc.
       VII. The Education and Employment of Children, etc.
       VIII. State of Religious Establishment, Tithes, etc, etc.
       IX. Modes of Agriculture, Crops, etc.
       X. Of Trade, Manufactures, Commerce, etc.
       XI. Natural Curiosities, remarkable Occurrences, etc.
       XII. Suggestions for Improvement, etc.
       APPENDIX : TOWNLANDS, their Derivations, etc.

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