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1814 Statistical Account

No. IX. Parish of CLONMANY,

(Diocese of Derry, and County of Donegal.)

By the Rev. F. L. Molloy.

VII. The Education and Employment of Children, etc.

The employment of the children is, for the most part, their education; except, in a few instances when the parents of the children are not able to send them to school, in which ease, they are employed by farmers on domestic business; or peradventure, they are employed by their parents to gather crabs, lobsters, and other shellfish; or eadible-alge, which afford a seasonable supply in times of scarcity.

There is a Protestant school-master, and, five Roman Catholics, who teach in different parts of the parish. The former has an usher, who teaches on the weekdays, who has a school fluctuating from 45 to 60 boys, while he attends the Sunday-school at the church himself together with the usher: this school is generally well attended, there being from 50 to 60 scholars at it; and the Rev. Edward Chichester has procured for the parish 20, with which he means to give salaries to school-masters, who will teach on Sundays. There are already three schools on this bounty, and he has it in contemplation to establish a fourth Sunday-school. It is, in my mind, the best way of disposing of a charitable fund that can possibly he adopted; for, supposing children should learn little or nothing, in consequence of the shortness of the time devoted to instruction, yet it has surely the advantage, of laying a good foundation; it keeps the children from bad practices and the contagion of bad examples, during those hours, which are the most dangerous in the week; for if they were not at school, they would probably be in the streets, or in the church-yard, gaming for halfpence, quarrelling, robbing bird's-nests, and practising every vice of which their age is capable. The design is certainly praiseworthy, and may produce greater benefit than many apprehend. I point out this principally as a subject worth of imitation.

I. The Name of the Parish, Situation, Extent, etc.
       II. Mines, Minerals, etc.
       III. Modern Buildings, etc.
       IV. Ancient Buildings, etc.
       V. Present and former State of Population, Food, Fuel, etc
       VI. The Genius & Disposition of the Poorer Classes, etc.
       VII. The Education and Employment of Children, etc.
       VIII. State of Religious Establishment, Tithes, etc, etc.
       IX. Modes of Agriculture, Crops, etc.
       X. Of Trade, Manufactures, Commerce, etc.
       XI. Natural Curiosities, remarkable Occurrences, etc.
       XII. Suggestions for Improvement, etc.
       APPENDIX : TOWNLANDS, their Derivations, etc.

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