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After the Battle of the Boyne, Col. Mc Neill lived at Binion and kept a band of Herdsmen or Yowmen to keep the people down. Any girl he fancied, his herdmen brought her to Binion and there was great ill feeling over all the girls he wronged. Many people cursed him and vowed vengence. Any girl who had a baby of his got a rood of land as maintenance. There are many of Mc Neills "roods" about the parish, but people have nearly forgotten them. One of them is the piece of ground where "Ballyliffin Hotel" is built.

On one occasion he went to the fair of Pollan (June 1709) and tried to seize a girl but she escaped. His way home was over Annaugh Hill, and at a place called "Gallach", some Ardagh men attacked him, and felled him with a stone, and he died form the wounds inflicted. The night after he died, a sidewall in Binion House fell and people said it was the Devil carrying him off. His grave is at the corner of the old Churchyard facing Binion. Mc Neill was a Scotch planter. He died 1709.

After him came a man named Buchanan. He grazed a lot of cattle. During the famine years of 1770 and 1780, he brought a sloop of meal at Suil and gave it out to the poor. On their way from England with the meal, they fell in with a young lad from Moville, called Michael Loughery and became friendly with him. When they were old, they sold him two quarterlands they had in Binion and another in Cabry. That was about the year 1814.


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