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The Bothogs

Above Adderville at Clofan bog are remains of old hill shelters called "Bothogs".

Long ago (1800-1850) the women set off in the spring with the cattle to graze on the hills. They stayed up there all Summer, milked and made butter. Men carried the butter down now and again to be carted to Derry. Some lumps were placed in a soft moss to preserve it. Sometimes these were forgotten about and are now dug up by turf cutters. It went 4d. a lb.. Butts of Butter weighing 8st. were taken to Derry and sold in the butter market. It would be three months gathering and each layer was salted well.

One midsummer night Willie Granny's grandmother was born in one of the Bothogs.

Voth Chonaic : A Monastery situated in Bunacrick. It was founded by St Congellus in the 7th century.

Church of St Odhran: at Killoran in Bunacrick. There is also an old graveyard at "Ard na Ronan".

Botharna : St Cearnach is connected with it. There is a piece of Church ground and there is supposed to be an old graveyard there.

St. Colmcilles Well: on Strand - Special virtue for barren cattle.


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An outline History of Clonmany by: Patrick Kavanagh

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