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Carraig a Braghey

The castle dates from 700 or 800 A.D. It was the property of the Maolfabhails. A battle was fought on Pollan Green against Danes. Another battle was fought on Pollan Green in Niall Gaoils time.

Belonged to Cahir O'Doherty, killed 1608.

About 1700 it belonged to Donncha Mor an Caisleain. He was O'Dochartaigh -the Quigleys of the Castles were desended from him. He was a nephew of Brathair Dubh.

834 Feergus, Lord of Carraig A Braghey killed in Battle fighting for Niall Caille against the Munstermen.

858 Seoghonan died

878 Maolfabhail died

907 Ruaire died

915 Chief died fighting against the Danes with Niall Glandubh

1014 Cudabh Maolfabhail died

1056 Maolfabhail killed by O'Meith

1102 Sitric Maolfabhail killed

1166 Aodh Maolfabhail killed by Niall O'Lachlainn

1198 Cathalan Maolfabhail slain by O'Dearain

1601 Phelim Breaslaigh O'Doherty

Near the castle are ruins of "Caislean na Stuca" (one mile landward built by Phelim Breaslaigh O'Doherty)


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