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Donall Gorm McLaughlin was Protestant Minister in Clonmany and died in 1711. He built Dresden. The next occupant was Mc Devitte. Later a landowner named Clarke Mor lived there. It was he could walk in his own land from the Swilly to the Foyle. He kept a band of Yeoman around Dresden, who patrolled this parish from Leenan to Strathsbridge every evening, for there was martial law here at that time. He had power to imprison or execute a man. Many a man was hanged on the trees in Dresden.

He made a watercourse from Ballyhallion River round Sliove Kerragh, by slave labour. Water sank when they were 60 perches from Glenevin. Then he built the old mill at Keelogs by forced labour. He was a bad man -an old man in Straid who lived who lived to be a hundred and who remembered Clarke Mor, used to shake with fear if anybody mentioned his name. When Clarke Mor died, the graveyard at the time was full, so the only place they could get for him was old grave where a beggar woman had been buried.

Next came Dr. Chichcester, Rector, who died in 1815. The last occupant was Major Metcalfe who fought in the wars of Napoleon. He came here after Waterloo - the same time as the Waterloo Priest. At Watarloo, a soldier beside him was struck by a bullet, but it hit a medal he was wearing and saved his life. Major Metcalfe inquired about the medal and became interested in Catholic religion. Later, he married a girl from Tanderagee, named Harkin and he became a Catholic. Their daughter, Charlotte and three sons, lived in Carn and are buried there.


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