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Clonmany Festival 1968 -1978.

The Festival, now in it's eleventh year, was first organised and run in the summer of 1968, by Marius Harkin and Jim Toland.

It was tried out as a means of bringing home some of the people from the Parish who had come to live and work in England and Scotland. It was felt there was a need for some organised entertainment opportunities; a kind of re-union of old friends; ways and means whereby they could spend a pleasant time and be anxious to come back. From the first year that objective was achieved. As time went by, the incursion of those belonging to the parish was supplemented by bigger and bigger complements of holiday makers, from other parts. So what the festival Committee of 1968, set out to do has been fully realised.

The present committee are confident that the festival is here to stay. While it is pretty expensive to run, the support given, means, that with all debts cleared, there remains a substantial balance. This has been used to acquire an ideal site for a sports field and social centre.

A considerable amount of money has also been spent in developments carried out in this land. The local football club "Clonmany Shamrocks"; are now going to provide a football pitch in part of the field, while the festival committee are planning to provide other amenities, before too long. This year's Festival commences on Saturday 5th August and runs until Monday I4th August. It will comprise of a still more varied and entertaining programme, catering for all tastes. It is expected that this year will set up a fresh record of patonage and that Clonmany Festival will once again be an occasion of great enjoyment to all who visit it.


Clonmany Festival 1968 - 1978 Cluaine Maine

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Music The Fair of Pollan Vessels The Bothogs

An outline History of Clonmany by: Patrick Kavanagh

Issued by: Clonmany Festival Committee


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