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Glen House

About 1770 an English man called Charlton became landlord of Urris. The landlords before that were Doherty's. One of them "Dochartach Mor na dTulcha" lived in "Ceann Ae" house in Roxtown. Another of them fought with King Williams army, at the Battle of the Boyne.

Charlton was a very kind hearted man. He soon got an agent - Neal Sean Doherty from Bun an Coille, who married a Strabane girl - a nurse with the Charltons. Later a daughter of the Charltons- a Miss Meyricks - became owners. She lived in England and Neal Sean was sole agent; he lifted rents and "cuts" (rates) and later became tithe proctor. Neal soon became a rich man himself, took over the estate and set up as landlord at Glen House. One of these Doherty girls was able to from Bun O Coille to Glen House without touching the ground. She could swing and go tarzan-like from tree to tree all the way.

Neal Sean had great influence with the authorities. During the wars of Napoloen many Urris fishermen were caught at sea and pressed into the Navy. Neal-Sean could get a man of on payment to him, of a guinea. Many a guinea was got and he was lifting guineas long after the war was over till people got to know. Neal Sean had three sons, Michael Mor, Denis and Owen, and one daughter who married Barney Farren. Another married a Doherty from Whitecastle. Owen married FR Shields niece and got Termain House and had one son, William. Denis lived in Kellogs and was landlord of Terhoran. Michael Mor married a protestant, sons to be Catholic, daughters to be Protestants.

Glen House people had a row with Fr O'Donnell and turned after that. Their grave in the old Church is half for Protestants and half for Catholics. After the row no Priest went to a Catholic funeral in Straid. Some clay was blessed and some man threew it over the coffin when they were burying the corpse. Sons John Walker and Andrew died young, Michael Og stayed about Glen House, then Edward the last of them, managed the affairs until he died, and the land was then divided amongst the tenants.


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An outline History of Clonmany by: Patrick Kavanagh

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