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Mass Rocks

1650 -1780

Leac an Aifrinn - Mullagh

Creig na hAltara -Altahall

Garrai an tSagart - Magheramore

Altar Rock - Cloughfin

The Scallan:

In Porter' s field in Gaddyduff was where Mass was said openly for the whole parish. Fr. Corr came here in 1784 and said Mass there. Near the Scallan field is "Ard na hEaglaise" . (The Chapel height). Tho corner stones of the Scallan are there yet. A big sheet of linen was held up on the windy side of the altar for shelter. People from all over the parish came to the Scallan. The men brought their camans with them and when Mass was over, they threw out the "nog" and the two sides of the parish played, each trying to take the "nog" home. The winning side would have the "nog" with them, the losing side would have to walk back home.

Fr. Shields came here from Cloncha in 1794 when Fr.Corr died. He set about building the present chapel in 1795. Lots of people wanted the chapel built at the Scallan but Fr. Shields picked the present site.


Penal Times 1700 - 1784

During thc Penal Times wandering Friars went around the Parish saying Mass at the Mass Rocks. They got support from the people and as money was nearly unknown, each house gave a hank of yarn to the priest.

Priests connected with Clonmany were: -

1631 Owen O'Muireasan

1682 Manus O'Muirsean

1695 Geoffrey O Shiel

1704 Denis Mc Colgan, John Mc Colgan, Dean O'Donnell (brother of poet Denis O'Donnell, died 1778), Nathaniel O'Donnell.

1784 ++ Brathair Dubh O' Doherty - best known monk

1784 Fr Corr

1794 Fr Shields

++Brathair Dubh was best known monk. He died at Carraig a Braghey. Three brothers were friars. One was martyred at the Diamond in Derry, another, Professor in the Irish College in Louvain. Brathair Dubh was a poet, singer, jolly and a hard drinker.

Caves in H O'Donnell's land (Underground tunnels at Glen House). Old book in H O'Donnell's dates from 1600. Gives information on astronomy. Standing stones at Rooskey, Clougherna, The Cartach/Stone (Gold Hidden there). Magheramore hill, Cloch Togala.


Clonmany Festival 1968 - 1978 Cluaine Maine

Mountains of Clonmany Dresden Carraig a Braghey

Mass Rocks Tirmain House Binion Glen House Poteen

Music The Fair of Pollan Vessels The Bothogs

An outline History of Clonmany by: Patrick Kavanagh

Issued by: Clonmany Festival Committee


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