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Mountains of Clonmany

Rachtan: 1657, - the highest. On top is a stone cairn called "Meascan Maeva " said to be the burial place of an Irish Queen.

Bulaba: 1,630 feet. On top is a cross erected in 1932 in memory of Eucharistic Congress held in Dublin in that year.

Sliabh Sneachta: 2,019 ft . Can be seen from Clonmany.

Dunaff Hill: It was off Dunaff Head that Wolfe Tone was captured in 1798 by the English and brought to Buncrana and on to Dublin, where he was sentenced to death.


Clonmany Festival 1968 - 1978 Cluaine Maine

Mountains of Clonmany Dresden Carraig a Braghey

Mass Rocks Tirmain House Binion Glen House Poteen

Music The Fair of Pollan Vessels The Bothogs

An outline History of Clonmany by: Patrick Kavanagh

Issued by: Clonmany Festival Committee


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