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Tirmain House

Fr Shields built the house about 1820. In order to make up the farm, seven families had to be evicted. Priests were farmers in those days. He got the land from a man called "Dalach Rua" , or "Mac an Sagart Francaigh". He owned the Glen House and also 32 quarterlands in Annaugh. "Dalach Rua" was very wealthy but his son drank everything and died in a sod house in Annaugh. Old people had a saying, "The son's son suffers from the wrong done".

In Fr Shields time, the Minister was Rev Chichester. They say he died a Catholic. Fr Shields called into see him every day and attended his funeral. When the funeral was going in the Church door, Fr Shields reached over and made the sign of the cross over the coffin. Rev Chichester died in 1815. Chichesters left Dresden in 1825.

Fr Shields built the present chapel in 1795. He didn't want anybody buried in the new graveyard until he died himself. But Fr Hegarty of Ardagh died in 1820, and the Ardagh people carried the coffin accross Strabega from Malin, where he died, and buried him regardless of Fr Shields. Fr Hegarty died at 29. He was educated and ordained in France. Fr Shileds married people in the same house in Termain. One morning, thirty couples were married there, all hands coming to the house on horseback. He died in 1829 and left Termain to his niece, who married Owen Doherty, a son of Neal-Shans of the Glen House. He is buried inside the railings against the corner of the present church. Some years ago, a small Mass Bell was found in a tree in Tirmain; it was a brass bell with a staple for a handle. Fr Shields built the chapel in 1795. It was enlarged in 1829. In 1843 the bell tower and long aisle were added by Fr O'Donnell ("The Waterloo Priest").


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