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Folklore & School Manuscripts
of 1938

Colmcille's Prophecies

When St. Colmcille was in Clonmany and was going through the townland of Crossconnell on his way to Urris. He met a man and asked what was the right road to Urris. The man said to him "Follow your nose" or some other short answer like that. Colmcille was angry and said to the man that Crossconall would never want an idiot. He went on to Urris and when he reached it he met two fishing. He asked them for a trout. The men would not give him one and told him they caught none. Colmcille knew they had a trout and he told the men that a trout would never be caught in a river in Urris.

There is a moss up in Bulaba and Colmcille was running through it. There was a lot of rushes growing in it. He could not run quick enough with the rushes. He said the rushes would never grow up straight and they are lying on the ground since. Colmcille said that Ireland would be divided into two shares against the people's will. They would get up some morning and the border between the two shares would be away.

Liam Grant, Maghermore 30/3/1938

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