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Folklore & School Manuscripts
of 1938

Fionn McCool's Rock

In Maghermore hill there is a large stone. Fionn McCool was supposed to have thrown this stone from Bulaba hill to this place with his left hand. It is said he was looking for some place and he passed a large crowd of men trying to move this stone out of their way. Fionn saw them and he was mounted on his horse. He bent down from his horse and lifted the heavy stone with his left hand that the crowd of men couldn't lift.

He left the tracks of his five fingers behind him and they are plain to be seen on the rock. Around this rock there is a lot of small ones. People say that these little stones broke off the big one. It is also said that if you go up to the top of this rock you will hurt your knee coming down. This stone is sitting on top of a height. You could sit under it because it is sloped. Many people come to see this rock.

I got this from my father
Hugh O'Donnell,
Co. Donegal
Age 45 years

Annie O'Donnell, Rooskey

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