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Folklore & School Manuscripts
of 1938

Holy Wells

There are six wells in the parish of Clonmany. There is one in Binion called Saint Colmcille's and the people visit it often. When people are sick they got to it and go around the well several times. They go around their beads and say what ever prayers they like after that and then they get better after that.

There is another well in Pollon strand. It is another of Colmcilles. It cures every kind of diseases an dthey say the same as they say in Binion.

There is another on Sliab Seact on the top of the hill. If anybody goes near it and muddies it a mist will come and they will go astray and will be lost until the fog clears away. There was one man who muddied and was lost. His people went out in the morning to look for him and they found him lying nearly dead in a bed of heather.

There is another in Fahan near Buncrana it also cures sick people. They go around it but they do not know what real prayers are to be said. Everybody says his own prayers.

The one in Binion was closed up and it moved itself up to where it is now.

I got this from
James Doherty,
Co. Donegal
Age 70 years

Mary Doherty, Cloontagh

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