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of 1938

Lobster Fishing in Urris

Lobster fishing is carried on in Iorras (Urris) in the summer and in the Autumn. It is a very profitable business because six pence per pound is got for them.

Lobsters are caught in the lobster-pots. These pots are made from rods and a flat board. It would remind you of a big cage. A bait is hung from the roof of the pot in the inside. The lobster comes crawling around and crawls in the trap door at the side of the pot. It tries to get at the bait and falls to the bottom of the pot and is trapped.

A big long rope is stretched accross the bay and is tied to bouys or floats to keep it from sinking. The pots are left hanging from the rope into the sea. Each evening the owner goes out in his boat and goes from pot to pot examining them. If it needs a new bait he puts in one and if there is any lobsters caught he puts them into a case which is floating in the sea and leaves the pot hanging from the rope and he breaks of the biting toe of each lobster to keep them from harming each other.

Aod O'Docartaig, Leitir, Rang 8.

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