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St Brigid's Crosses

St Brigid's day occurs on the 1st Febuary. All the Irish people long to see St Bridgid's Day approaching. It is a great custom of theirs making crosses that night.

The day before St Brigid's Day the people o out and cut rushes and leave them outside the door. On that night the two youngest of the family go out. Those that remain inside welcome them buy saying

"Seas a beara seas a beara"

They light a blessed candle and they all go on their knees and pray

"Anocht oidce brigid an breiceanna bain an cionn oen craiceanna Ofead ar mo gluinne agus ofoscal me mo suile agus leig isteac brigid isteac brigid isteac"

When Brigid comes in and leaves the rushes under the pot of poundies. Then each one eats his share of poundies and after they are eaten each one makes a cross out of the rushes. Holy water is sprinkled over them. They are all left outside with a piece of a "bratac" tied around them. Some say there is a cure from them for a sore head. There is an old saying that if St Brigid's Day is fair and bright Winter will have another flight. And if St Brigid's Day is cloud's and rain Winter is gone never to come again.

Brigid Doherty,
Co Donegal

Kathleen Clafferty, Cleagh 4/2/1938

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