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of 1938

Holy Wells

The Holy Well that I know is at Binion. Its name is St Columcilles well. Many people that are sick go to that well on 15th August.

They five Our Fathers and Five Hail Marys. This well was blessed by St Columcille and that is why it is called Columcilles well. All who believe in the well will be cured and all who do not will not.

The people drink the water out of this well. They leave a stone at the well.

The sea comes in over this well but the water is always fresh. The tide carries the fish in with it over the well but they do not remain in it. Two years ago it is said that a little girl or boy were playing on the shore and they dirtied the well and next day it was up in a new place

I got this from James Devlin, Glebe, Clonmany


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