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(The following sketch of Clonmany was prepared hastily by Father Maguire for the Souvenir at the request of the Committee and much that might be interesting is necessarily omitted)

The Parish of Clonmany is situated on the north-west corner of the Peninsula of Inishowen in the County of Donegal, and as Most Rev. Dr. Healy, Archbishop of Tuam, says in his very learned work. "Ireland's Ancient Schools and Scholars," abounds in natural curiosities and in objects of antiquarian interest.

Its chief interest, however, would appear to center in the character of its people and in tenacity with which they have held to the Catholic Faith and preserved the old customs and traditions. This may be explained perhaps to some extent by the rareness with which marriages are contracted with parties from outside the Parish and also to the extent to which even districts of the Parish observe this custom.

Might I not venture the assertion that the unprecedented movement inaugurated by the Clonmany Association in Boston was not merely made possible, but owes its success to this inherited spirit of the natives of this remote Irish Parish, carried with them abroad and only needing the occasion to wake it up and make it operative for good.

The physical features of the Parish are of a character that tend to unify the inhabitants and make of them an exclusive society. Two-thirds of its limits are upon the sea and the remainder in great part is closed in by rugged and precipitous hills, with the exception of three outlets - one the gorge through Meentagh to Buncrana, one a moderately narrow pass between Crukaughrim and the Atlantic to Carndonagh, and the third the world-famed: "Gap of Mamore" to Desertegney. This "Gap" every year is the Mecca for hundreds of tourists, and on August 15th the whole countryside gathers there according to an immemorial custom to visit the the shrine and indulge in games and feats of strength.

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