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fact that the chief landlords were absentees who parceled their estates out to the most exhorbitant rents. Neither party seemed to have any interest into the people beyond extracting from them the most they could in the shape of rents, and so the consolidation of the holdings, which ought to make for the good of the tenants, was invariably used to impose additional burdens upon the people.

When the Land-League was started in 1879, it found the people of the Parish anxious to join it, as they did to the entire extent of their numbers. They became Leaguers not in name simply but in deed, with the result that the great power wielded by the landlord class was brought to bear heavily upon them. Whole sections were cleared by the Sheriff and his "Crow-Bar Brigade" and crushing law-suits were inflicted on the poor tenants. The people, with their traditional courage and loyalty, never wavered, and though repeated efforts were made to introduce outsiders into the evicted holdings, the universal and sterling Nationalism of the people frustrated the fell designs.

But a complete change has been wrought. A considerable number of landlords have now arranged for the purchase of their holdings and there is every prospect of landlordism disappearng within a short time. Since the tenants have got security against their improvements being rented, farming conditions are vastly better, new tracts are being reclaimed, more modern methods adopted, and the landscape presents the appearance of industrial intelligence and thrift.

The exiles who have gone from Clonmany a quarter of a century and upwards, upon returning will find the appearance of their Parish much changed, and what will gladden them is that the change is for the better. With the advent of self government, which now seems near, the people of this historic Parish and of all Ireland are looking forward to still more rapid and far reaching improvement in their condition.


March 30th, 1911


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