In the name of the Catholic people of Clonmany, and in a very special way in my own, I beg to convey to the officers and members of the Clonmany Association in Boston, formed to help in the good work of promoting a Fund towards the reconstruction of the old Parish Chapel, and to all who so generously co-operated with them, as well as to our friends who have sent me their donations direct, our heartfelt and undying thanks.

By the splendid and successful labors of the Association, resulting in the large draft that came to me this morning, we have been laid under a debt of gratitude which we can feel and acknowledge, but can never repay, I am not ashamed to admit that I am unable to give suitable expression to the depth and, sincerity of my feelings at this goodness and lavish bounty of the exiles to their people at home, An appreciative writer has said of the great American poet, Walt Whitman, that "his feelings were too deep to find adequate expression in language," and mine are of this kind in regard to any powers of utterance which I may have.

We put our trust in the exiled children of the Parish when we embarked on the work of Church reconstruction and our highest hopes have been fully realized. But for our confidence in you we might not have had the courage to start at all, even with the advice and princely donations of the pious and charitable gentlemen to whom the initial movement is due; so that we owe even more to you than the magnificent material help we have got, namely the last force that was required to enable us to make up our minds.

You came to our assistance with a spontaneity, an energy, a resourcefulness and a liberality that exceeded our most sanguine expectations, and in doing so you have surrounded yourselves with an aureola of distinction and parochial patriotism that will not lose its effulgence for a lenthened period. It elevates the Parish here to a height all its own, that its sons and daughters abroad - some for half a century gone and others with almost the aroma of the ozone from the sea around our shores still upon their breath - should have answered so widely and so generously, in spite of the many calls upon them, our reveille to restore the old Chapel, endeared to them by the noblest ties of patriotism and religion.

The methods you employed, which were a revelation to me in their originality and effectiveness, bespeak your powers of initiative and mental nimbleness, and raise the prestige of <remaining text not available at this time>

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