Arctitect's Account

Work on St. Mary's has now progressed to the stage where the form and shape of the refurbished church is beginning to appear through the dust and rubble of demolition. It is always exciting to see a much loved building reappear fresh and new prepared to face forward to another century.

The roof has been reslated and warmly insulated over the existing pitch pine timbers which we were happy to find as good as new. Existing stone walls were structurally sound. They suffered from severe dampness in certain areas due to an absence of damp courses where the graveyard stands above the floor on the northern side. A new electrolytic damp course has been installed and the walls showing signs of penetrating damp have been dry lined.

Stonework to the belfry has been re-pointed and repaired. The white staining leaching from the lime mortar has, over the century since it was built, fused with the stone and could not be totally removed without damaging the stone itself. The new pointing will reduce the amount of water entering the stonework, but it is inevitable that the staining will recur at some time in the future.

The existing timber floor which was substantially rotten has been replaced with concrete insulated for comfort and finished with a combination of tiling to the aisles and timber below the seats; a floor appropriate to the style and age of the church.

New sacristies and toilet have been provided in a new addition to the west gable freeing the original sacristy which has been recreated as a day-chapel behind the reredos which dominates the church.

The difficult and dangerous access to the north transept gallery has been redesigned and a new porch built to minimise draughts.

A new heating system using radiators has been installed and the electrical and lighting systems have been renewed throughout. A deaf-loop system is installed for the hard of hearing. The church has been decorated inside and out.

Externally, repairs have been carried out to existing pathways and the new entrance steps, including a ramp for disabled access, has been formed to the west porch. Due to the proximity of graves it has not been possible to do any radical reorganisation in the graveyard.

Tom Mullarkey
for McCormack Tracey Mullarkey

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