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A Century of Clonmany
1900 - 2000












Imagine living in Clonmany in the 1900's, 1920's, 1950's. How different was life then to what we experience now? What were the important issues that affected the lives of our predecessors? Who are the people who lay the foundations of what Clonmany Parish has become today? What did the village and the surrounding area look like in the decades gone by?

Some of you may remember and want to relive those memories, more of you may have little recollection or experience of life in Clonmany in the earlier part of the 20th century. Either way, this timeline - 'A Century of Clonmany', will no doubt contain something of interest to anyone who is any way connected to Clonmany or indeed to anyone who has an interest in history.

The timeline was a major focal point of this year's McGlinchey Summer School. Being the year 2000, it seemed obvious and necessary to celebrate the past 100 years of Clonmany in an accessible way, and the timeline fulfilled this goal through it's snippets of information and photographs.

We hope you enjoy 'A Century of Clonmany ' as much as the visitors to the McGlinchey Summer School did. And if you feel that an important event or an interesting fact has been ommitted from the timeline, please contact us at the email address below and we will update the relevant information.

Thanks to Marius Harkin, Phil Doherty, Ian Wright, Rosemarie Doherty, Lorraine Davenport, Lee Mc Daid, Brigid Clafferty and to anyone else who has helped to create this timeline for the McGlinchey Summer School.

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