The 4th McGlinchey Summer School

29th - 30th June, 1st July 2001
''Emigration to Britain and the US in the 20th century."

Biographical Notes

Erin Collins spent a year interviewing immigrants and the children of immigrants from Inishowen who are living in Boston. This research is part of a transnationalism study led by Peggy Levitt, a professor at Wellesley College and a fellow at Harvard University. Last August Erin Collins, Peggy Levitt and Breda Gray from University College, Cork conducted interviews with the families of these immigrants, as well as the priests and public servants from their communities in Inishowen. Erin currently teaches and assists with the English as a Second Language program at Central Piedmont Community College in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Marie Daly is the Chief Financial Officer of the New England Historic Genealogical Society and former President of The Irish Ancestral Research Association, (TIARA). Her maternal ancestors were Kellys and McGlincheys from Inishowen.

John Mc Colgan is an archivist and historian. He is currently Deputy Archivist for the City of the City of Boston and has worked in the archives and the record management field for over twenty years. He received the Ph.D degree in Modern Irish History and the Diploma in Archival Studies from University College, Dublin in the 1970s. His book, British Policy and the Irish Administration, 1920-1922, was published in 1983. A native of Boston's Dorchester section, he descends from the McColgans of Cuill in the Isle of Doagh. He has several relations in Clonmany whom he looks forward to seeing again after many years.

Angela Bourke is senior lecturer in Irish at University College, Dublin, National University of Ireland. She has been a visiting professor at Harvard University and the University of Minnesota, and writes, lectures, and broadcasts regulary on Irish oral tradition and liturature. She is the author of one short-story collection, By Salt Water, as well as the recently acclaimed novel The Burning of Bridget Cleary.


Joseph Martin Bradley was born and lives in Scotland. His forebears originate in the Irish midlands and west-Ulster. He lectures in Sports Studies at the University of Sterling and is author of Ethnic and Religious Identity in modern Scotland [1995] and Sports, Culture, Politics and Scottish Society: Irish Immigrants and the Gaelic Athletic Association [1998]. He has written articles in the Catholic Education, Orangeism in Scotland, Michael Cusack, The Great Irish Famine The GAA in Scotland and Irish identity in the diaspora. He is currently researching on Celtic Football Club.

Grace Neville is a graduate of French and Irish. She spent four years in France as a post-graduate student. She was awarded a Doctorate by the University of Lille (France). She has published in the following areas: Medieval French and Irish literature, language legislation in contemporary France, Franco - Irish links from the medieval to the modern period. She is currently statutory lecturer in French at UCC.

John Moulden, a former Principal teacher, is a song enthusiast of many years standing. He has given talks all over Ireland, in Britain and America and is known for his clear illustrations, witty delivery and careful preparation. Emigration songs are among his particular interests - he spent several years in their study and has published Thousands are sailing - a brief song history of Irish emigration. He currently holds a research post with the Centre for the Study of Human Settlement and Historical Change at NUI Galway.

Ultan Cowley, author of "The Men who built Britain" first 'took the boat' aged 15 to serve in the Royal Air Force. Returning to Ireland in 1997 with an M.Sc (Strategic studies) he lectured in Modern History at UCC and in adult education in Cork and Wicklow.

Piaras Mac Einrķ is Director of the Irish Centre for Migration Studies, UCC and since the late 1980's, after an earlier career with the Department of Foreign Affairs in Brussels, Beirut and Paris has taught, researched, written and published on various aspects of Irish emigration.

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