Friends of the McGlinchey Summer School

We wish to express our deep gratitude to the many individuals and businesses who through their generous donations have become Friends of the McGlinchey Summer School and without whom this venture would not have been possible. Due to limitations of space here we have omitted the list, however a full list of names will be displayed in St. Brigid's Youth Club during the Summer School.

Exhibition Centre

Exhibitions include:-

  The 1938 Schools' Folklore Collection.

  Art Exhibition.

Photographs of Local Interest.
Old Maps of the Area.
Books of Local Interest.


Biographical Notes

Seamus O'Cathain - a native of Co.Tyrone. Holds a doctorate in Celtic studies from Queen's University Belfast. Has worked in U.C.D. since 1974 where he is now head of the Department of Irish Folklore.

Godfrey Duffy - born in a coal-mining village in Co. Durham, England, where he became aware of his Irish roots through stories from his parents and grandparents. He has travelled widely in Europe and has written and lectured on Genealogy. Author of "Tracing Your Donegal Ancestors".

Brother Tom Connolly - holidaying in Ballyliffin in the sixties, he carried out field work on the placenames of Inishowen as part of post.graduate work at Queen's University. He is now in charge of the Allen library, O'Connell's Schools Dublin.

Martina O'Donnell - from Roxtown, Clonmany and now living in Dublin. A geography, heritage and history teacher, her main area of research has been 19th Century Donegal

Jimmy McBride - one of the founders of the Inishowen Traditional Singers Circle and Director of the International Folksong and Ballad Seminar held at the end of March each year. He has done much to revive interest in local songs and to promote the Inishowen Tradition in other parts of Ireland and beyond.

Conail Byrne - collected folklore for the Folklore commission and in doing so even interviewed McGlinchey before embarking on a teaching career. Now retired in his native Malin, he is a frequent visitor to Clonmany where his wife's parents - John and Margaret Doherty taught in Tiernasligo National School.

Aodh 0 Canainn - a Derryman who has spent most of his life outside his native city. He has worked as an engineer and a management trainer. Widely travelled, his latest of many books, is a travelogue of multicultural Transylvania. He is chairperson of the Irish Language monthly magazine "Comhar".

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