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Place Names Form 2

The second form (DETAILS OF PLACE-NAME) is the one used for recording the names.Some people tend to fill in this form as they doing the interview; others will make rough notes and complete it later. Choose which you find the easier. Take a look at the questions asked:

PRONUNCIATION. As Brother Connolly advises, by far the easiest and usually the most accurate way of recording the pronunciation of a name is to listen carefully and write it out in simple English syllables (example:"creg - doo"). If one of the syllables is emphasised, you have to remember to mark it - with a line over the top of that syllable. This could be important when it comes to translation.

DESCRIPTION OF LOCATION (example: "a dark coloured rock on the shore on the left-hand side of Dunaff slip"). This description is very important. It should be as detailed as you can manage. Ideally it should be so that another person coming later will be able to recognise the place.

MAP MARKER. This locates the place on the map sheet you are using. At first the best thing to do is to pencil it in, using a new letter of the alphabet for each location. Writing in RED on the map will help find it quickly. OS national grid references also help location but can be added later. They look daunting butare easy to learn and easy to do.

NAME SPELT IN IRISH. Optional. Many names present no difficulties (example: "craig dubh"). But some do. Don't worry unduly - happily Clonmany posesses Irish scholars who can help out later. Above all do not embarrass the interviewee by pressing him or her for a spelling. If in doubt leave it blank.

TRANSLATION. Optional. (example: "black rock") Again, the interviewee may be in doubt about this. But is it interesting to know if they have any ideas. Sometimes there are more than one possibility. Certainly write down all the alternatives. What next ?

One final point: any project like this one needs friends. I cannot mention them all here but I'd like to record the great encouragement given to the pilot by Marius Harkin on behalf of the McGlinchey committee, without whom it would not have taken off. Conal Burne gave useful advice at a critcal point and Gregory Toner, mentioned above, was a helpful and generous mentor.

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