27th, 28th, 29th June 2001

The theme for the fourth annual McGlinchey Summer School will be:-

Emigration to the USA and Great Britain.

The McGlinchey Summer School would like this opportunity to invite all emigrants accross the globe to share their experiences. Areas which you could relate may include some of the following topics;

the area from you came from,
the reasons why you left,
the country you emigrated to ( this is not restricted to Great Britain / USA)
the journey and arrival,
the experiences you encountered in your newly adopted country,
the type of work you undertook,
reasons for staying or returning back to Ireland,
your feelings, good or bad, about having to emmigrate.

These are just a few suggestions but please feel free to add any information you wish. All correspondance will remain confidential. These letters/emails will be used as research purposes and your name will not be revealed unless you wish it to be.

To conact us please email us at webmaster@clonmany.com or write to us at; Vera Bradley, McGlinchey Summer School, Market Square, Clonmany, Co Donegal, Ireland.


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